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This 10-piece hook and yarn cutter set offers a convenient way to take slong, or store, two different sized hooks in the oversized soft-touch handle. Simply select the hook size, place the end in the cavity of the handle, then twist and lock in place. After inverting the components on either end of the handle, just drop it in your bag. No fear of it catching on surrounding items. No need for additional tools to complicate the process!


The elongated soft-touch handle provides comfort for larger hands. Hooks range in size from 3.75mm to 6.50mm (US F - K) and include additional accessories such as a yarn cutter option. Crochet hook heads feature the popular in-line construction for uniform stitching and reduced wrist strain. The deluxe set comes with two handles, 6 crochet hooks, and 2 yarn cutters. 

Deluxe 10 Piece Set - Twist & Lock Interchangeable Crochet Hook - Susan Bates

SKU: 0077216004467
    • Made in China
    • Plastic and metal
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