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- These round scrubby cloths are made with 100% cotton and a sparkly scrubby yarn made of 100% polyester.

- One side is a double strand of cotton and scrubby yarn for a rough surface, and the other side is soft cotton.
- They are perfect for doing dishes, or exfoliating in the tub.
- Machine washable and dryable. 

Approximate Size: 4 1/2" across, 1/2” thick


Lemon Dish/Bath Scrubber

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    • 100% cotton and 100% polyester
    • Machine washable and dryable
    • This product is handmade. If any ends that were sewn in works their way back out, you can tuck it back in using a darning needle, or needle with a large enough eye to fit the width of the yarn. 
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