To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

You've never taken a crochet class before, and have no idea how to start:

Beginner's Luck (learn all the stitches, but no finished project)

Double Trouble (same as Beginner's Luck, but you get to bring a friend)

Any Level 1 class (learn part of the basics and finish a project with up to 3 of your friends)

How to choose a class:

You love crocheting but don't want to pay for a class:

* Come out to crochet club for free, make anything you want (it's B.Y.O.Y.) 

You know about crochet, you've done it before, and you want to learn more:

* So Refreshing! (re-learn the basics, get all of your questions answered)

* A class at any level 

* Crochet Club (free)